Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Safety Committee

At my place of work, we have a cabinet filled with various human-fixing items, such as bandages and burn relief cream. One of the items that used to reside in this cabinet was a supply of Tylenol®, conveniently packaged in little sealed bags of two pills each. This makes sense, considering the occasional particularly headache-inducing noise or aromas that float through the office. However, you'll notice that I said the Tylenol® "used to" be there. One day I went to retrieve a pair of magic pills, only to find them all gone. "No problem," I thought, "they probably just ran out. I'll just ask someone to buy more." WRONG.

"Safety" CommitteeIt turns out, the Tylenol® did not run out, it was actually taken away... by the safety committee. It seems that they are concerned that an employee may have an allergic reaction to—or take too much of—the Tylenol®, and end up lying in a hospital bed getting their stomach pumped, while their lawyer looks on with dollar signs in his eyes. So, in order to protect the company from people too stupid to take over-the-counter pain-killers, everyone has been denied pain-killers. No big deal really, as I'm perfectly capable of bringing my own pain-killers from home. But it doesn't stop there.

Two weeks ago, the sponges in the sink next to the lunch room disappeared. Two sponges that were in perfectly good condition and were regularly used by staff to clean their personal dishware after meals—vanished overnight. Barring a malicious, used-sponge-stealing employee, I am forced to assume that this is also the work of the over-zealous "safety" committee. You see, the sponges could harbor dangerous bacteria, and if an employee got a cold, they could sue the company! We certainly can't have that, now can we?

I'm beginning to think that the safety committee's primary concern is not the personal safety of employees, but rather the legal safety of the company from idiotic employee lawsuits.
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Blogger Nathan said...

I'd say a few words about safety committees, but there are some things you just don't sign your name to.

9:43 AM, June 30, 2005  

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