Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Trendy Country Stickers Totally Catching On

Country code stickers, once used only to identify the country of origin of vehicles traveling outside their home country, are fast becoming one of the hippest ways to make a statement. The statement being made is of course: "I am more trendy than you." Hip young Americans that do not originate from the countries being represented on a sticker, nor even know what the letters on the sticker stand for, have been spotted across the country applying the black and white ovals to their cars at record rates.
Click for a larger version.*
"They're just cool, you know? Very Euro," explained Parker DeMoon. In addition to the standard country code stickers, a number of clever knockoffs have been produced, allowing fashionable young people to declare allegiance to any number of things, including internet catchphrases, political parties, sports, and religions.

"The strength of the oval sticker lies in its versatility," stated John Jenkens, a leading oval manufacturer. Much like the magnetic ribbon, oval stickers are popping up on cars everywhere at an alarming rate. While the magnetic ribbon fad has recently surged in popularity, oval sticker makers are confident that ovals have the staying power to outlast magnetic ribbons.

* The country codes represented above are: Turkey, Spain, Norway, Germany, and Yugoslavia.
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