Monday, June 13, 2005

Wildlife Solutions?

Let's play pretend.Aww, a little deer.
I'm a deer! I'm having a pretty good day, wandering around the forest, munching on various grasses and berries, generally minding my own business. Ooh! A butterfly! Wait, it's gone. Hey, what's this strange cliff-face thing in front of me? Hmm, doesn't look like I'll be able to jump it, I guess I'll have to go around. Wow, this thing sure does stretch for a ways. Funny that I don't remember it being here before. I thought there used to be that weird hard, thin meadow thingy with the unfriendly fast beasts. Huh, oh well.

Let's see how far this cliff thing goes. Oh hey, it looks like there's an opening over there. Yes, there is. It's a nice passage through this strange new mountain. Wow, this is nice, this new forest passage smells a little funny. It sure is strange that it just appeared like this. Well, it looks like the passage opens back up the the forest just ahead. I guess that'll be the end of today's excitement. Yup, here's the open forest again—HOLY CRAP, IT'S A COUGAR!!! OW! NO! OUCH! AHHHHHH!!!

Great. Now I'm dead.
And that's what a day in the life of a random deer might look like if the I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition gets their way. They want to spend hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to build fancified deer bridges across I-90 east of the Cascades. Let me repeat that: hundreds of millions of dollars for overpasses for animals. Yeah.

I'm sure this sounded like a good idea to someone at one time, but it just seems like an idea that hasn't been thought through—at all.

  • Animals would just walk the wrong way when they get to a fence, and end up crossing the freeway anyway instead of the million-dollar-overpass.
  • Animals already do just fine by crossing at night. They know that cars are dangerous. Most of them respect the power of cars more than most humans do.
  • Creates natural bottlenecks (if they are used) where predators will discover an easy meal.
Actually that last one isn't really a problem, if you consider how many stinking deer there are out there. The herd could use a little trimming down. In fact, maybe that is really the secret motive behind this effort. It's too unpopular to stand up and say that you think there is too much wildlife, so why not design a plan that on the surface appears to be intended to help save wild animals, but really ends up turning them into cougar dinner. It's genius.

Source: Seattle P-I
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Blogger Sailor Republica said...

Kill 'Em All! Venison for everyone not in the 7th District of Hell!

11:12 AM, June 13, 2005  

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