Thursday, July 28, 2005

Curious Radio Advertisement

money money moneyI heard an advertisement on the radio on my way to work today in which a man was telling me all about how he and his wife made millions in real estate. It is apparently quite easy, and he wants to show me how. I just have to attend his free seminar in my area, where he will no doubt share all the secrets.

I have to wonder though, if it's so easy to make money in real estate, why is he spending money to rent space for and advertise his seminar, as well as spending time giving the seminars, when he could be out there buying and selling real estate and increasing his fortune? I can think of only one explanation: Truly this man has learned the true meaning of charity. He would rather freely share his secret with me than make more money for himself. I shall have to write down the phone number next time they play the advertisement so I can call and thank this kind man.
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