Friday, July 22, 2005

Disturbing Tactics

Behold the... um... splendor(?) of QVC. I witnessed the above scene with my own eyes as I was flipping through television channels a while back.* Note that one of the pictured individuals is a dude. I believe (from what they were saying) that he fancies himself to be William Wallace or something. He appears to be presenting a sparkling blanket of some kind to the wizard-lady seated at the table. Ooo-kay.

I spend a good amount of time mocking advertising on this blog, and I have to say that this surprised even me. At least I only get assaulted with this kind of insanity if I am foolish enough to turn to the wrong channel. If anyone wants to willingly subject themselves to this, find me a way to post the video on here and I will.

How the above display of needlessly sparkling fabrics, disturbing wizard-lady, beauty pageant wannabes, and cross-dressing beard-dude is supposed to inspire one to purchase jewelry is completely beyond this blogger.

*I really need to de-program that channel from my TV.
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