Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I bought a hat.

Tonight I bought a hat. I'm not really a "hat person" per se, but this hat has a special purpose, which is to wear it to the August 8th Mariners game versus the Twins to show support for Bret Boone who was recently traded to Minnesota. If anybody wants to reveal my true identity, feel free to meet me at the game. We can meet in the stadium.

Other things about my evening that you're probably not interested in, but I'm going to tell you anyway include:

Listening to a conversation where two sales guys complained about customer habits that frustrate them while their older friend complained about sales habits that frustrate him. I'm pretty sure that America's favorite pastime isn't baseball, but rather complaining.

fuzzyI drove past a convenience store that had the following message on their corner reader board: "WE HAVE THE COOLEST DRINKS IN TOWN." I find that claim to be most interesting, considering that beyond a certain degree of coolness, drinks cease to be drinks, and become drink-cicles. I guess there just wasn't room for "OF COURSE, WE ARE TIED WITH EVERY OTHER STORE THAT SELLS DRINKS, ANYWHERE."

While eating dinner at a public outlet this evening, I came up with an amazing idea that will bring peace and harmony to the world, as well as make me a wealthy Skor. Of course, if I share that idea here, one of you ruffians will probably steal it, so you're just going to have to imagine how cool and amazing this idea really is.

As I was driving around, I heard on the radio that King County has recently finished a paper outlining a strategy called the "Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in King County." Apparently there are six key things that are needed to end homelessness, the first of which is (and I quote) "prevent homelessness." No fooling, that's what the report actually says. I hope someone got paid an awful lot of my taxpayer dollars to come up with that kind of ingenious plan.

Lastly, I took the out of focus picture you see above. Isn't it yellow?
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Blogger Erin said...

Of course maybe their boast concerned the merit of the drinks they sell. "The coolest" as in "our drinks are sexy, popular, and they have great hair."

All this for $1.25 + tax.

11:23 AM, July 14, 2005  
Blogger Kiddo said...

That coolest drinks paragraph made me cry...I guess it just struck my funnybone somehow. I needed that.

10:28 PM, July 14, 2005  

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