Monday, July 25, 2005

Microsoft Adds Sierra Mist to Break Rooms

Microsoft campusFollowing hot on the heels of their two latest news-worthy feats—showing up late to the map-product party and naming their upcoming operating system—Microsoft today rocked the Northwest with their latest unexpected bombshell:
Effective August 1st, Sierra Mist will be available in all break rooms.
Sierra Mist will compliment the already stunning selection of free beverages available to Microsoft employees and visitors to their various campuses.

It's That RefreshingLocal news outlets were abuzz following the announcement late today. The Seattle Times jumped on the story, immediately posting it to the front page of their website. Radio news broadcasts included the news as part of their 15-minute briefs, and talk show hosts planned discussion points for the morning's broadcast. "We try to keep on top of every little inane thing that goes on at Microsoft," explained Seattle Times business editor Becky Bisbee, "we call it the 'Microsoft first' policy."

Employee reactions were mixed, with some preferring to obey their thirst with the trusty standby staple of Sprite, while others welcomed the addition by pulling celebratory practical jokes followed by the assuring and witty declaration that "it's that refreshing." It is unknown whether the change will have any long-term effects on various Microsoft product release schedules.

Source: Seattle Times, Seattle Times
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