Friday, July 29, 2005

"My leg is killing me."

"My leg is killing me."I went for a short bicycle ride to the grocery store yesterday. By itself, that fact is not particularly blog-worthy. However, the sight I beheld on my way back home was amusing enough that I just had to share it. Along the way, I noticed what appeared to be a father/son pair out for a ride; the son on a bicycle and the father on a scooter. As I approached them, we happened to be in a bottleneck. The father instructed the child to pull over and let me by. As I was passing them, I heard the father say:
I gotta rest. My leg is killing me.
Now, that statement is not particularly amusing in and of itself. The thing is though, the scooter the father was riding was not quite the same as the one pictured here. The difference is that his scooter was gas-powered.

Now I know, the father could have had some sort of medical condition that makes standing still a painful experience, but as he stopped to rest he continued to stand. Or perhaps he has a debilitating skin condition that causes excruciating pain when there is air rushing past the skin on his leg. No wait, I've got it... He recently had an experimental leg surgery, and nanobots were injected into his leg to heal the tissue. Then the experiment went terribly awry and the nanobots started consuming all the tissue in his leg, so they were removed. Unfortunately the doctors missed one, which replicated itself many times over, and now millions of nanobots are slowly consuming him from the inside, so in a way, his leg really is killing him.

Or maybe he was just riding the scooter wrong.
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