Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ode to Blackberries (not the PDA)

Well, it's that time of the year again. Yes that's right, blackberry season! Mmm! Being one of the most prolific weeds west of the Cascades, blackberries are everywhere around here. In my professional opinion, anyone who lives around here and pays money to buy blackberries is one of three things: stupid, lazy, a giant wuss, or possibly all three. You practically can't even walk out the door without stepping on an encroaching blackberry vine. I think the only thing that keeps them from taking over entirely is the presence of the second-most prolific weed—scotchbroom.

But this post isn't supposed to be about the epic clash of the weeds. This post is about eating blackberries. As far as weeds go, blackberries are one of the most tolerable, thanks to their delicious summer payoff.

blackberries!If you've never gone out to pick blackberries, you're really missing out. In addition to just the scrumptious reward of the berries themselves, there are all kinds fun things to do when you're out blackberry-ing. For starters, there's the blackberry fight. This is where you throw blackberries at your picking companion, and the first person whose face turns entirely purple loses. Or there's the blackberry toss, where you take a bunch of blackberries and toss one into the other person's mouth, then take a step back, and vice versa. Then the first person to miss the other one's mouth gets thrown into the berry bushes. And don't forget the classic blackberry patch hide-and-seek, where you tunnel your way bare-handed into the black berries to hide from one another.

As if that weren't enough incentive, there's also the splendid thought that the more blackberries you eat straight off the vine, the more bugs you're likely to have consumed! Of course, if you want to be boring about it, you could always just go and pick the berries, put them in a bucket, then take them home and wash them. But I'd much rather make it a memorable life experience.

Let's hear it for blackberries!
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