Friday, July 01, 2005

Project CRAP: Week 20 Dispute Follow-Up

Good news everyone!Good news everyone! It appears that M____ H_______ and Skor have made up, and are now good pals. M____ H_______, for those of you who don't recall, was the CRAP-sender that was featured as the LowLight of Week 20. A few weeks after the report, a rather disgruntled M____ H_______ contacted Skor, demanding that Skor take down her unsolicited commercial mailing. Skor did his best to strike a compromise, which you can read all about in the updates to the Week 20 Report, and June 6th was the last Skor heard from Ms. H_______—until today.

Thankfully, it would seem that Ms. H_______ regards the dispute as water under the bridge and all that. Going the extra mile to show that she holds no grudge, Ms. H_______ today sent Skor an e-card! "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!" read the subject of an email in Skor's inbox. The contents of the message urged Skor "To view your personal message, please click here." So click Skor did, where he was presented with the delightful greeting displayed below.

Happy Independence Day to you too, Ms. H_______.
Click for full version.
Note: Skor is refraining from using Ms. H_______'s full name and has also blacked out her photograph in the above screenshot as a precautionary measure. In spite of the fact that this post bears nothing but good will toward Ms. H_______, M____ has shown herself in the past to be rather lacking in the level-headedness department, and Skor wishes to avoid being threatened again with a lawsuit.
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