Friday, August 19, 2005

FOF: Friday Nights

Freak-Out Friday!
AHHHH!!!Aren't Friday nights great? Going out, having fun with friends, generally doing cool and fun things. For instance, I just came back from the grocery store where there were a bunch of cool high schoolers hanging out in the parking lot. What an awesome way to spend a Friday night. I mean, it must be a pretty awesome way to spend a Friday night, because the high schoolers in this town seem to want to do it every Friday night.

My thrilling Friday night plans obviously include such highlights as going to the grocery store and posting random nonsense on my blog. So as you can see, I am clearly dwelling on a much higher plain of cool than the high schoolers I saw tonight. One of whom by the way was driving a Saturn station wagon... with hydraulics.

Now if you'll excuse me I am going to go pet my dog. Man, do I ever love Friday nights.

P.S. (The dog will have to wait, Gardening with Ciscoe just came on!)
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