Friday, August 19, 2005

FOF: Oatmeal!

Freak-Out Friday!
AHHHH!!!Oatmeal—it's what's for breakfast. Oatmeal loaded with sugar and artificial flavors, eaten dry right out of the packet. Have you ever tried eating oatmeal dry? It's wonderful. A fun game is to fill your mouth with dry oatmeal and then try to recite the Gettysburg Address. I'm doing it right now, but I ran into two problems. 1 - I got lost somewhere around "...thus far so nobly advanced." 2 - I spewed oatmeal all over my keyboard. Now I've got to clean it up.

I'll be back later with a less oatmeal-covered input device. In the mean time, talk amongst yourselves, maybe go get some tartar sauce for a snack or something, whatever.
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