Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Follow-Up: Bothell Java

Back in February, this blog report the exciting news of a new 24-hour drive-through java stand coming to Bothell. Since that time, BigFoot Java has opened its windows to all the expected excitement, with residents and local employees alike going ga-ga over the new offering. However, not everyone was all smiles upon the opening of the Tacoma chain's latest outlet.

Shortly after BigFoot's grand opening, the owners of The Yuppie Cup decided that BigFoot was too great a force to be reckoned with, and sold their roadside espresso stand. The emotional roller-coaster for Bothell residents then took a sharp downward turn when the new owners appeared to close up shop, sending downtown Bothell back to it's paltry 4-shop selection of drive-through coffee.

New! Improved!Thankfully, the closure was merely temporary so that the new owners could give The Yuppie Cup a much-needed face lift. While it was closed, the modern wonder of pavement was brought in, and the building that was once known as the "Loose Kaboose" transformed into a rustic log cabin. After a few short weeks of improvements, the windows were once again opened under a new name: Cafe Village Espresso. And the peasants rejoiced.

Coffee Shops in BothellWe spoke again with Bothell commuter Judith Furston, who expressed her great relief that Cafe Village Espresso was now open for business. "You know, for those times that I'm heading to work in the morning and I just can't drive another half-block to The Espresso Connection, the new Cafe Village Espresso is a real life saver."

Other locals wholeheartedly agreed with Furston's sentiment. On-the-go couple Hunter Thomson and Dakota Bristol chimed in again to express their extreme gratitude for the renewed variety that Bothell now has to offer. "When BigFoot opened, we were so, like excited! But then The Yuppie Cup closed, and it was like we had lost a close friend. We even considered moving closer to Seattle where we could have a more complete espresso selection. But then Cafe Village Espresso opened, and we were so relieved," explained Bristol.

There is some speculation that all the recent action in Bothell's java world will lead to more remodels or even more new offerings, but there has not been any confirmation as of yet.
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Anonymous Mark D said...

Thanks for the update...and the laugh.

2:07 PM, August 09, 2005  
Anonymous Michael said...

I've never actually seen any customers at Cafe Village, but perhaps I just drive by at the wrong time of day.

1:32 AM, November 20, 2005  

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