Monday, August 08, 2005

Jerks that litter make Skor angry.

Although Washington is known as the "Evergreen State," those of us that live here know that there is quite a bit less green in the summer than there is in the winter. Specifically, the grass tends to get fairly brown and dry. Of course, dry grass means fires, and one completely preventable source of fires are jerks that flick cigarettes out their windows as they drive obliviously down the highway.

Now, there are of course stiff penalties for litter of any kind in Washington, including fines of $1,025 for flicking cigarettes out your window, but how often does law enforcement actually you know, enforce this? Sure, I could call 1-866-LITTER1 and report fag-flickers, but you know what that results in? Not a whole dang lot:
...the listed registered owner of the vehicle is sent a letter from the Washington State Patrol, notifying them of details of the incident and the fines for littering. (Washington State Department of Ecology)
litterbug driving truck #A06250WThat's right, they'll send you a letter, and tell you what the fines would be if you had been caught. What a strong deterrent... not. So what's a concerned citizen to do? Well, this concerned citizen is taking a page from the city of Chicago's playbook: Posting the offenders online. Today's entry is the female driver of the forest green Custom/10 Chevy truck pictured at right, license plate A06250W. The offender in question was spotted by yours truly flicking a lit cigarette out their window while stopped at an intersection on a state highway in south Snohomish county. I would have gotten a picture of the driver as well, but unfortunately traffic was moderately heavy and in the interest of safety I was unable to get alongside the offender.

Just posting the picture of their vehicle hardly seems like punishment enough, so allow me to engage in some baseless mocking of this individual as well. In addition to being a self-centered, inconsiderate jerk, this litterbug probably also has horrible body odor and poor social skills. Plus I'm sure that there are a lot of unpleasant things I could say about their momma.

Let this be a lesson to all would-be litterbugs: Forget "Litter and it will hurt." Litter and you will be blog-mocked.

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