Wednesday, August 03, 2005

NASA Reveals Shuttle's Secret Mission

NASA forgot to pack a nice digital camera.Following NASA's announcement that further repairs may be necessary for the Space Shuttle Discovery, speculation was running rampant about the safety and viability of this and future Space Shuttle missions. In order to alleviate the fears of the public, NASA Project Managers announced they would hold a press conference tomorrow to announce previously withheld details about Discovery's mission.

In a world-wide exclusive, anonymous high-ranking sources from NASA have revealed to this blog the details of tomorrow's announcement. In short, it turns out that Discovery's primary mission was merely to make some minor repairs to the shuttle. According to our source, internal bickering and power-politics from within NASA had made it all but impossible to get anything done planet-side, so the engineering team devised a plan to send the shuttle into orbit, therefore providing a necessity to finish the remaining repair work so that the astronauts could return safely to Earth. Eager to devour the positive press attention surrounding another shuttle launch, the project managers of course took the bait. So it seems that these repairs were part of the plan all along. In fact, they were the plan.

In addition to this stunning information, our anonymous source also tried to tell us about a CIA agent named Valerie, but we told them we already knew about all that. They were a little disappointed.

Source: Seattle Times
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