Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oregon Unveils New State Slogan

In a well-attended press conference Tuesday morning, Oregon Secretary of Public Image Tom Schneirmacher unveiled the new state slogan.
Here in our great state we take pride in many things: Our vast forests, our temperate climate, the absence of sales tax, and our law that prohibits people from pumping their own gas. All these things are great, and definitely help Oregon stand out, but we wanted our new slogan to highlight something that really sets Oregon apart. Therefore, without further talking, I present your new state slogan:
Oregon: Slightly less obese than most of the country!
Oregon Unveils New SloganSchneirmacher went on to explain that the latest studies show that Oregon's percentage of obese adults is the among the lowest in the nation at just 21 percent, a full 1.7 percentage points below the national average of 22.7 percent. The Department of Public Image felt that these new statistics were just the opportunity they had been searching for to set Oregon apart and highlight it as a step above the rest of the country.

Although some other states had lower obesity rates, Oregon was the only state in the nation whose obesity rate did not increase from 2001-2003 to 2002-2004. "We think that is something to be proud of," declared Schneirmacher, "we have chosen a number, 21 percent, and stuck with it." The press conference also served as a kickoff event for the new advertising campaign integrating Oregon's new slogan. After the unveiling, attendees moved to the reception where they could view the new television and internet commercials at their leisure while they enjoyed a variety of hors d'oeuvres including cream puffs, fresh-baked cookies, lime sherbet punch, deep-fried breaded squash, and fresh carrots.

Source: Seattle Times
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Blogger Nathan said...

Aren't they concerned that this new advertising campaign will attract fat people to the state, driving up their obeisity average?

11:21 AM, August 23, 2005  
Anonymous bmvaughn said...

Come on Skor... following on the footsteps of Fark?


3:36 PM, August 27, 2005  
Blogger Skor Grimm said...

This article posted to the main page on Tue, 23 Aug 2005 at 8:11 PM

Skor Grimm:
posted by Skor Grimm at 10:17 AM on Aug 23 2005

Skor wins by almost ten hours!

5:33 PM, August 27, 2005  

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