Sunday, August 07, 2005

Quest Recap

Well, I'm back from my latest epic quest. The full details of my quest still cannot be revealed for reasons of national security, but I can give you a general outline. The mission was not to take place in the Seattle area, so the first step was to load up the super-charged Skor-mobile with all the necessary equipment. Due to the extreme level of danger involved in this operation, I dared not undertake it alone. Thus the Skor-spouse and Skor-dog also suited up and loaded up, and we all made our way to the target. A short five hours later, we arrived in the hot-spot of—well, I'd best not actually name the location. Let's just say that it's a reasonably large city in the eastern portion of Washington.

Our two-day quest involved ensuring that a particular highly important observance be successfully completed without terrorist interference. In short, the mission was a success. All enemy forces were neutralized, and the function was executed without flaw. I wish dearly that I could provide more information than that, but... well, the neon green slime and all.

Of particular note was a place of business that we passed by during the journey. As you can see in the photograph below, they appear to have created some twisted genetic monster food. "Espresso peaches"?!? Though our quest was fraught with danger from which we did not hide our face, the dreaded espresso peaches were too risky. We dared not risk exploring this caffeinated deviation. I still shudder just thinking of the horror.
espresso peaches?!?

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