Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Communism Patrol

Have you been doing your part to keep a vigilant eye out for communism? For instance, when you see a story about the importance of taking things from private individuals and giving it to the "public" do you send it straight away to the federal government to be investigated for Anti-Americanism. I know I have been.

That's why I forwarded this article in yesterday's Seattle P-I straight away to the anti-commie forces of justice. I mean, just listen to it:
Only 16 percent of the shoreline around the Sound is publicly owned and accessible, according to a study to be released today by The Trust for Public Land.
"I believe in public access. We have this thing in America where people want to possess everything."
Yow! How about you give up all of your greedy possessions first there, komrad? Or, how about you move to communist Russia! Oh wait, Russia isn't communist anymore. Cuba! Cuba is even closer, and still communist. And they've got lots of beaches. So move there.

Source: Seattle P-I
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