Monday, September 19, 2005

Get Your Blame On

Seattle disasterAlthough the nasty storm in the Gulf Coast has had little impact here in the Northwest, it has had the side effect of getting people thinking about the big question: What if disaster struck here? Well, the answer to that question is obvious—we're screwed.

However, just because we know how screwed we are, doesn't mean there aren't other important questions that we can tackle now, before disaster strikes. Most importantly, we need to work on pre-assigning blame. The Seattle Times to the rescue!
And if lives are at stake on those roads, what does it say about us that we've spent or set aside billions of dollars for new stadiums, mass-transit projects and corporate tax breaks before fixing the hazards?
Is it the state legislature's fault? Is it the governor's fault? Is it the people's fault? The Republicans? The Democrats? The squirrels? It is vitally important that we pre-place the blame so that we can avoid the political squabbling that we are seeing now in the wake of Katrina.

On a serious note though, I still want to know just one thing. If the Alaskan Way Viaduct is so stinking dangerous, then why don't they close it right now? Put your moxie where your mouth is. I've heard enough "The Viaduct is unsafe!!!" whining to last me three lifetimes.

Source: Seattle Times
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