Thursday, September 22, 2005

Zelda the Beagle

Zelda BeagleSo, there I was, just out for a stroll, minding my own business, when I saw a bird! I'm pretty sure I overheard it saying something derogatory about my mother, so of course I made chase. After probably about thirty seconds, I noticed a grasshopper out of the corner of my eye, and he seemed pretty interesting, so I watched him for a while. Then a piece of fluff floated by, and I followed it for a little while. Suddenly, I don't know where I am! There's a bunch of cars around me, and some boxy boring buildings, but nothing looks familiar. Well, I saw an open door on one of the boring buildings, so I thought I would see if anyone inside could help me out.

As I entered, I noticed that it was my lucky day, because there was another dog in there! Unfortunately, my luck didn't last too long, because the other dog wasn't very nice. She just started yelling at me about how peeved she was about being cooped up, and what right did I have to be so cheerful walking around free like that, and shouldn't I be with my owner and had I seen her owner because he was missing for two days. Like that's any help to me. All of a sudden, someone was scooping me up and carrying me into a hot room with soft floors. Then there was this other dog that got all personal when she thought I was going for her bone. I don't even like bones.

Before I knew it, I was tied up underneath a table next to some strange person that I didn't know. This wasn't what I had in mind for a fun afternoon. He tried to give me a ball, and I batted it around a little bit to make him feel good, but seriously, what kind of simpletons are that easily entertained? Thankfully, the stranger let me sit in his lap for a while, and after a while he even took me for a ride in his car. That was fun, I even got to stick my head out the window a little bit.

After what seemed like forever, I finally got to take another ride. This one was a lot shorter than the first one, so I was kinda disappointed. That is, until I jumped out of the car, to find that the stranger had brought me home! Yippie! So now here I am, back in my house, posting on the Internet when my humans aren't looking. They would totally spaz out if they found out I could type. They think I don't even know how to sit.
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