Friday, October 14, 2005

The Chronicles of Laziness: Automatic Door

I swear I'm not making this up.

As I was entering a local one-stop-shopping center a few nights ago, I was between the two layers of doors* when I observed a man on his way out of the store. He was inside walking toward the inner layer of doors, but just as he got about two feet from the door, he stopped, turned, walked around the anti-theft sensor, and passed through a neighboring door. What strange behavior, you might be thinking. You're wondering: Why did he do this? What was different about the two doors?

The first door was one of those old-fashioned manual doors that require the user to apply pressure and push it open, whereas the door he re-routed through was automatic.

This individual was not disabled, frail, old, overweight, or overburdened in any way. He simply decided that pushing on a door to open it was too much effort. Why exert one's self when electronics can do even the simplest of tasks for you, right? Wowzers, I can't decide whether it is funny or just plain depressing.

*What's with stores that have two layers of doors? Are they worried about the birds escaping or something? Maybe the more layers of doors you have, the fancier you appear. I should open a store that's nothing more than hundreds of layers of doors. When you finally get inside the only thing available to buy will be my "designer" clothes, which will be t-shirts that have my name written on them in marker, and cost $42 each.

Follow-Up: Parking Lots

I would also like to follow-up on my previous post in the Chronicles of Laziness series with the following picture, a prime example of the notorious "droppers" I described. Observe how the cart in the picture below was just dropped on the sidewalk next to the car, in spite of the fact that the designated (mostly empty) cart return was less than 50 feet away. Disgusting.
lazy bum
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Blogger Father Cory said...


Seems we're both irriated by the same things...I mean, why doesn't one just walk a few more feet to the cart disposal, instead of leaving it in a parking space that causes someone else to be unable to park there.

My theory is that people are growing more and more selfish and ignorant, as well as less and less observant/courteous. Pft. Lazy bums.

10:41 AM, October 15, 2005  

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