Monday, October 17, 2005

Disseminating An Account Or Description

Public Service Announcement
Skor Grimm is on vacation. Posts will likely be less frequent than usual. In addition, Skor is tethered to an internet connection that is capable of transmitting information approximately as fast as a three-legged camel carrying a floppy diskette across the entire continent of Asia—blindfolded. As a result, expect to see a lot less pictures.

In the glorious spirit of finding obscure ways to break stupid rules, I would like to take a moment to relate a warning that I heard on the television yesterday night. I was watching a baseball game when the announcer took the time to show he cared by warning me that "...accounts or descriptions of this broadcast may not be disseminated without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball."

Well guess what, Mr. Announcer-man? I say phooey on your rules. I'm going to disseminate an account or description right now, and I say you can't stop me. Here I go.

The game in question was between the Los Angeles Angels and the Chicago White Sox. These are both baseball teams, which means that they play a game called baseball. They were playing the game in California, at the Angels' home field. The White Sox scored the first run, but not much later the Angels scored a run, too. Then there was some more run-scoring, and a little later the game was tied 3 to 3. Then near the end of the game the White Sox suddenly scored three more runs while the Angels scored none, and the White Sox ended up winning 6 to 3. I think that probably the Angels were just distracted and confused, because it was raining—in Southern California. Or maybe they were busy trying to see if the opposing team really was wearing white socks. I think they were, but it's hard to tell on the television, because they don't show the players' feet very often.

Well, hopefully that is enough of an account or description to cause the commissioner of baseball himself to personally rain down his frightful wrath upon me. I'm sure DaButtminster will do his duty and send Major League Baseball a notice of this serious infraction. I urge all of you reading to do the same. Such unruly behavior as my own should not go unpunished.
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Blogger DaButtminster said...

Can you update your post to offer your dissemination (or an enhanced version thereof) for sale in some way?

I think that would make it a lot easier to get their attention.

To complain, go to this website:

8:41 AM, October 18, 2005  

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