Tuesday, October 11, 2005

October 11 Meeting Notes

important meeting notesAt my place of employment we have a weekly meeting for our department to get together and recap the important things we're working on. This meeting is vitally important to the effective operation of our department. Or something like that. In order for you to get a good handle on just how important and useful this meeting is, I thought I would share the notes I took in the meeting today. There's a photograph of them displayed there on the right, but since most of my readers are not experts in deciphering hieroglyphics, I will provide a transcript of the text below. Names have been omitted to protect job security.
    Meeting Notes
  • Right about now, the funk soul brother.
    check it out now, the funk soul brother.
  • I wonder if I had a penny, if I could flip
    it into [the boss]'s mug from here.
  • It would be cool if there was a campfire in
    the middle of the table.
  • It kind of makes sense that as you get old,
    your ears don't stop growing, since your hearing starts to go,
    the huge ears sort of offset it. The nose I don't get, though.
  • # of times the boss has said "poof" and waved his hands: 2
  • [Coworker] keeps looking back and forth like a paranoid rabbit,
    afraid that a fox is going to jump out and devour him
    at any time.
  • That was a riveting 20-minute discussion that had
    nothing to do with me.
In addition to these important textual notes, the paper contains the following drawings:
  • an angry sun
  • a box man, saying "I'm Boxman!"
  • some kinda dragon-man, saying "RAWR!"
  • a big tree
  • a slanted supplies closet
  • snake (maybe rattlesnake)
  • two rocks conversing: "I ROCK." "NO, I ROCK."
  • the flux capacitor (it's what makes time travel possible)
  • mortal combat between Chalkboy and Eraserman
  • Abe Lincoln riding a bicycle toward a giant canyon
Now you know all the terrible secrets of my workplace. Just be sure you use this knowledge for good (or for awesome).
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Blogger Zee Marketspice Meister said...

The WorD of the DaY 4 WednesdaY is "L-E-A-T-H-E-R"

Check it out...


8:50 PM, October 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary

12:04 AM, October 12, 2005  

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