Monday, October 31, 2005

Skor is back. As if you care.

informative publications—NOT!I was at the grocery store yesterday, restocking the supplies after a two-week vacation from reality. As I waited in the slowest checkout line in the store, I was glancing at the various magazines for sale. I noticed a few magazines that got me thinking...
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • People Magazine
  • US Weekly
Specifically, I was thinking that I'd probably be more likely to volunteer to share a bunk with a rabid shaven woodchuck than purchase one of these types of magazines. And yet, hundreds of thousands of people do buy these magazines, each and every week. So, of course my mind wondered how I could get these fools to give their hard-earned money to me instead of to In Touch Weekly? Well, the answer is clear. I would have to start my own such publication. If I was forced to do this though, I would drop all pretense and just be honest. It would be called "Shameless Useless Gossip"—SUG for short. Catchy, huh? If you're the type of sheep that likes that sort of thing, I'm sure you'll be reading an issue soon.

On a related note, can anyone explain to me how it is possible that "O Magazine" is still in publication? Who could possibly remain interested in a magazine that has Oprah Winfrey on the cover even once, let alone every single issue? The mysteries of the Oprah cult are many.
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