Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mission Successful

As anyone who has been compulsively refreshing this page can tell you, the average number of posts per week on this blog has recently dropped to a disgustingly low number. Although only a month ago posts were flowing steadily from Skor nearly every weekday, lately the flow has dried up and is more analogous to a leaky faucet than a steady stream. Long time readers of Skor Grimm may recall that there have been a number of such "dry spells" in the past, each one accompanied by a post such as this one full of half-baked excuses and outrageous explanations. This time, however, things are different.

This time the infrequent posting has a perfectly logical and reasonable explanation—one that there is no need to apologize for. You see, Skor has spent the past two weeks on assignment in Deutschland (that's Germany to you) collecting evidence for secret government agencies of a vast conspiracy against the Internet. While there is no danger in revealing the details of Skor's mission on this blog, they are unfortunately far too complicated for the layman to comprehend. It would be like trying to explain quantum mechanics to your dog. Which is not to say that you, the readers, are like unto dogs, but that Skor's latest quest is essentially unexplainable. Although honestly, some dogs are pretty smart, and wouldn't be all that bad to be compared to.

Since we're talking about talking to animals though, Skor would like to take a moment to let you know that there's no shame in conversing with critters. In fact, Skor does it all the time. Not just pets, either—wild animals too. For instance, just a few days ago there was a Northern Flicker twittering in a tree behind Skor's house. After the Flicker got done talking, a squirrel across the yard decided to answer. Unfortunately a crow came and chased away the Flicker, and the squirrel was left without a friend to talk to. The squirrel was rather agitated by this, so Skor decided to take the Flicker's place and give the squirrel a conversation partner. Sadly though, the squirrel turned out to be rather rude, and all he could do was insult Skor's shirt. Well, Skor doesn't have to take that kind of jibba jabba, so he just went back inside.

Here's your "take-home" points from this post:
  • Skor's mission to save the Internet obviously was successful.
  • Skor may or may not begin posting more frequently again.
  • It's okay to talk to animals.

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