Friday, April 28, 2006

Find the $30 Tabs

Skor recently replaced his 4-wheeled dinosaur with a newer moving metal cage. This means a relatively large sum of money changed hands, which of course means that the government just had to get its greasy, obese fingers all up in on the action. Ever the upstanding citizen, Skor dutifully went down to the local licensing office last week, half a dozen documents in hand, and attempted to fork over his hard-earned cash. Unfortunately, one of Skor's papers wasn't signed and stamped by the right person, so the government representative refused to accept the large pile of money that Skor foisted in their face.

Undaunted, Skor acquired the appropriate documents and returned today to complete the transaction. Joy of joys, all the papers were in order this time, and the government accepted Skor's hush money. So why is this worth writing about? Because, dear citizen, there's something odd about the fancy official paper that Skor just paid $567.45 for. Something odd indeed. Namely, Skor just can't seem to find the $30 fee for the tabs. You know, the $30 tabs that Washington State voters have approved twice and former Governor Gary Locke signed into law in 2000.

So let's play a fun game! It's called: Find the $30 tabs. Here's how it works. Skor shows you the fee breakdown section of his registration, and you find the part that represents the $30 tabs. That's it—easy!

So, here you go:Can you find the $30 tabs?

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Blogger Kiddo said...

It's like trying to find Waldo. You think he's least you're told so...but really, he's not!

9:19 PM, April 28, 2006  

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