Monday, April 03, 2006

SayWA Updates & Help Request

It's time for a few interesting tidbits relating to my recent SayWA post.

First, it would appear that someone with an official job of some kind in Olympia has been poking around various blogs trying to get a feel for the public's reaction to SayWA. On March 20th, someone with an IP address belonging to "State Of Washington" in Olympia happened upon the post by doing a Google blogsearch for SayWA. I imagine that upon reading my post the following conversation took place in some tourism office in Olympia:
Diane: "Hey Clark, come take a look at this. Some dude in Seattle is making fun of SayWA."
Clark: "Hmm. Well, you know what this means."
Diane: "Of course. I'll go sharpen the sheep shears."
Clark: "A good shearing would be an effective tool of embarrassment... but no. What this means is that we should send this blogger a SayWA promotional pack!"
Diane: "Oh, right. I guess with $442,000, we can afford to send more than a few of those."
Clark: "Right. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go fill out my "Saying SayWA" quota worksheet for the week."
Well, there may have been a conversation something like that, anyway...

Speaking of Google search results, as of this writing, my insightful and humorous post about SayWA is currently ranked #7 (or #8) on a Google search for SayWA. (Strangely, when the search is limited to blogs, the SayWA post drops to a shameful #26, but I digress.) #7 is pretty good, but I think that we can do better...

Notice that I said we just then. That's where the "help request" comes in. What I ask of you, my faithful readers, is that you post things on your various Internets with the word SayWA in them and the text linking to my earlier SayWA post. Much like I have been doing gratuitously throughout this entire post, only don't feel like you have to be quite so excessive.

So if you wouldn't mind, be a friend and SayWA a little SayWA in my direction. Let's see if we can't get my post up to at least #3, just after the official SayWA site.

SayWA, SayWA, SayWA.
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Anonymous Soini said...

Another thing that would help is changing the < title > tag on your post to include the actual word SayWA.

H1 / H2 tags with SayWA don't hurt either.

10:04 PM, April 03, 2006  

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