Monday, May 08, 2006

Super Awesome Super Villain

You know what would be a pretty sweet super villain? The PlantMaster. Think about it. Plants are everywhere, right?
  • in your back yard—plants!
  • lining city streets—plants!
  • in a pot on your bookshelf—plants!
  • coming up through the sidewalk cracks—plants!
  • even in the center of our biggest cities—plants!
Seriously, being able to command plants to do my bidding would absolutely rock. There will be no stopping me as I send out the thistle seed spies and the ivy consumes my enemies (and their headquarters).

Of course, I will only use my powers for awesome. My stated mission will be to fight stupidity. It's a huge mission, but that's why I've got the entire plant kingdom fighting for me. We will be unstoppable.

Throughout my reign of terror stupid people will be so terrified that they won't even keep little potted plants on their desks at work. They'll be all like "oh my, I'm so afraid of the PlantMaster!" As well they should be.

Fear me, idiots. Fear the PlantMaster.
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Anonymous Soini said...

I don't know...stupidity is a pretty strong foe. Not only does its strength lie in its numbers but also the completely unpredictable nature of teh stupid.

5:53 PM, May 08, 2006  

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