Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"u deserve to burn in hell"

These are all real quotes that have been directed at Skor:


"i w0uld really love 2 get ahold of u and make u suffer"

"u deserve to burn in hell u sick #*%$&@! no wonder our world is the way it is"
So what crawled into these people's unmentionables and got them so upset? Why, Skor's June 2005 offer of Free Kittens to a Bad Home, of course. Because obviously the offer was completely serious, and all of the claims made in the post were 100% accurate representations of fact.

The really interesting thing about it is that three of the nine comments made so far to that post have been made in just the last few weeks. Two of those three are quoted above, and the other is a desperate plea from someone that claims they "want all of your kittens" and "will seriously take all of them." What could explain these clueless people suddenly appearing nearly a year after the post was originally made? Two words: MSN and Yahoo.

Far be it from me to judge the general intelligence of others, but when someone decides that the best way to find a new pet is to use an inferior Internet search engine, and they land on a joke that flies miles over their head... you have to be amazed at that display of density.

I mean seriously, people really believe that "I've been feeding her [Tough Orange] for the past week"? Wow. Just, wow.
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