Wednesday, July 26, 2006

C is for Cookie (and Capitalism)

Zoips! Has it really been a week already since I last posted? I guess time flies when you're battling 17-foot-tall cyborg armadillos for great justice. It's not that I don't have good post ideas, really. It's just that duty calls, and all that jazz.

So anyway, where was I? Oh right, cookies. I like making cookies, and incidentally, other people like eating the cookies that I make. Probably a good idea would be to start a business where I make cookies, and then people pay me so they can eat them. That would be pretty sweet, don't you think (pun totally intended)? I could spend all day baking cookies, probably even eating one now and then, and then people would just hand over their hard-earned money!

Of course, I would have to figure out a place to sell the cookies. I could sell them over the internet, but it would be a little hard to give out enticing free samples that way. Plus, who wants to pay for shipping? Yuck. So I guess the internet is out. I could get one of those stands in the mall... that would be cool. The smell of fresh-baked cookies would be irresistible. But then where would I bake the cookies? I don't think the mall-stands have ovens. Hmm. I guess I could rent out a little shop in some quaint downtown. I would hire a cute little girl to stand out front with the free samples. She would totally give the puppy-dog eyes to everyone that walked by, and they would have no choice but to come inside and buy some cookies (unless they were some kind of black-hearted monster... with beady yellow eyes and unkempt hair). Dangit though, I bet renting a little shop in a quaint downtown is expensive. Probably all my cookie sales through 2 in the afternoon would be sucked up by rent. Then of course there's the little girl's salary, and the electric bill, and the dancing iguanas—those aren't cheap.

Selling cookies is hard.
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Anonymous Jen said...

This posting gets really boring after reading it 5 times. Skor needs to post something new.

1:31 PM, August 29, 2006  

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